Hey I'm not dumb! Inputting text is hard!

I made a video describing the joy of note taking on DTTG.


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After mastering taking a note on desktop app, I’m on my first day of learning to take notes on iOS. By this time next week I hope to be pretty good at inputting text on both devices!!

It behaves the same with formatted notes. Brand new install. Using Dropbox sync as recommended. Have about 10 files in the database. Phone storage not full. Restarting phone did not help. iOS 13.5.1

That is unfortunately an issue with rich text content caused by changes in iOS 13. Rich text is not a mobile-native format so third-party frameworks have to be employed to try and support them. We are investigating alternatives and fixes at this time.

This appears to be a specific RTF problem, did you try plaintext? I find no problems with that in my case.

Might I suggest to set at least the Global Inbox to ‘Added’ in descending order, that saves you the time to search for newly created content. And keep the groups on top.

And I personally try and organize the content of the Inbox at least once daily into separate groups or groups in other databases. An inbox to me is just that, an inbox. You can keep it there, but it usually doesn’t help me get organized.

“Formatted” too

Plaintext works fine.

I’m the new user who posted about the difficulty making a new note on desktop a few days ago. All I hear is how amazing and powerful DT is, but I’ve asked it to do exactly one thing on each device “Make a note” and have struggled to the point of having to search online to figure it out, even create an account and post about it.

Why is RTF the first choice, or a choice at all, if it’s broken? Where’s the warning? Who is migrating to DT? People like me who have tried everything else and finally, finally, are willing to put down the money and implement this system for professionals. It’s marketed and priced as a premium product, right? What new user is looking forward to learning to use an app that fails at “input text”? What “professional” person has time to learn all the buttons NOT to press? Dont close you main window on desktop! Don’t push RTF! Don’t push formatted!

Does it get easier? Why would it? Is this just the devs way of keeping out the plebs? Only want users who are smart enough (and masochistic enough?) to learn and avoid the bugs on their own?

Formatted notes uses the rich text framework as well.

Have you considered simply using a different product if this one does not live up to your expectations?

I suggested to you in your last post that you make specific requests (in fact, I spent a good hour trying to figure out what it was you were trying to say, changing my settings to reconstruct your situation and then posting a stepwise result to which Jim responded with a solution) - you neither did that, nor did you respond to additional questions or the solutions suggested. That, obviously, is your prerogative - equally obviously you can gripe all you want about DEVONthink and DEVONtech. I would, however, respectfully suggest that a less emotional tone and a more solution oriented approach would be of benefit if you actually want to effect change.


If I understand the thread correctly, it’s not about “inputting text” but about “using RTF on a device where it’s not fully supported”. The explanation has been given here. You could, e.g., use Markdown, as many here do (I, for one). Which is text, too. Just not RTF.

As @Blanc said: You might be better off with another product.

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Sorry I didn’t respond to you in the last thread. I appreciate you spending the time on it. I was given lots of ways to make a new note, I understood them, and so I stopped responding. My specific request was that there would be something simpler or more obvious in response to an action like “new note”, sorry if I wasn’t more direct about the request.

My suggestion or solution is that RTF and Formatted options, if they are broken on iOS should have warnings or be tucked away somewhere, instead of presented first in a list of taking a new note.

Sorry if my tone is overly emotional. It’s been an emotional ride! Ive tried so many apps to replace Evernote specifically, including self hosted options. I just paid for the iOS app and it’s buggy on the basics.

The reason I’m here griping is because I had heard such good things about the software and I’m trying to understand what all the hype is about. If it wasn’t respected software, I wouldn’t take the time wondering if the problem is me. I also figured bringing up early issues (for a new user) would be a way to understand the philosophy or the culture.

The iOS version has limitations that the desktop version doesn’t have. Like smart rules (missing in iOS), and possibly reduced support for writing RTF notes. Markdown works fine on the desktop and in iOS, though.

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Using this opportunity to offer my opinion that the reason markdown usage has skyrocketed in the past several years is for this very reason, plain text will always be supported by every app. There are a lot of us old guys around who have seen so many formats go by the wayside, but not ascii text. Some of the most elegant writing apps (iawriter being one of my faves, but I also regularly pipe to Marked2… there are many) now use markdown as their basis. If it’s really just notes you want to write, then I have had few occasions to need anything beyond markdowns capabilities. If you need something more use a full word processor.

One of the few criticisms I have had of DT over the years has been it’s weakness in providing a comfortable content creation environment. I always find myself wanting to use another app to write. DT is certainly skewed toward librarian and research uses, but not so much for creation. I think it could be so much more. Apps like Bear and Ulysses get so much acclaim and hype because of their clear and pleasing interfaces, and ease of use, and they even get away with monthly usage fees. I wish DT would be motivated to steal some of that user base. With all the tools of DT they could clean up. Ok, now I’m just blathering.