Hey Siri, take a note in DEVONthink

Has this changed with iOS13? It sure seems to be working well.

me: “Hey Siri, take a note in DEVONthink.”

Siri: “What do you want to call your note?”

me: “This is a test note.”

Siri: "What do you want it to say?

me: "a bunch of words, and I want you to slow down and listen for a long time, allowing me to pause for a second or two and collect my thoughts, not jumping in and ending dictation prematurely, like you used to do. :slight_smile: "

Whether or not Siri reads it back depends on your settings. I know Apple has fiddled with Siri in iOS13, but the timing system seems to be much better. I would generally dictate into Drafts because Agile Tortoise found a way to allow longer pauses before the dictation times out. With iOS13, I timed it (unscientifically) and it appears we have almost three seconds before Siri stops listening. That’s a big help and I’ve been dictating notes into DTTG on my iPhone all afternoon with the phone asleep and on my desk, meaning “Hey Siri” isn’t requiring me to use Face ID. Nice.

Well, that could well be. Apple has made changes to Siri to make it more usable :slightly_smiling_face:

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