Hi from Italy and question from a newbie

Hi everybody
I have tried DT and absolutely love it.
Ten minutes ago I have bought the program :slight_smile:
Just two questions:

  1. I find very useful the new "index" command but everytime I add a file (pdf) to an already indexed folder and I choose to index, DT start reindexing all the content of the folder (about 500 pdf files), not only the new one.  Could it be possible to reindex only the new added files?
  2. My indexed folder contains some duplicated entries and DT correctly evidence them as blue text; could it be possible to add a contextual menu voice that gives the possibility to delete or find the duplicated entry?
    Thank you for your attention, pity for my English and
    CIAO from Italy :slight_smile:


thanks for the feedback.

  1. this will be possible in version 1.9 using the synchronize command
  2. a possibility to locate duplicates/replicants of an item will be added to one of the next releases too