Hide 'devonaddress' on email export to word document

I want to drag emails filed in a devonthink database to a word document. When I drag them out they look fine except ‘devonaddress:blah@X.net’ is shown by each name. Any way to avoid this appearing?

Welcome @makky_d

I am not seeing this behavior here. When dropping emails from DEVONthink into a Word document, it’s inserting the contents of the email.

Can you clarify or post steps to reproduce the issue?

Thanks for looking. I’m hoping to avoid having to manually delete the ‘devonaddress’ hyperlink by every email address, which was obviously not present in the original email before they were added to devonthink. I edited to remove the individuals’ actual names before screen shoting.

Thanks for the screen capture!

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.