Hide Document List

I need your help: is there any way to hide the document list on the left (I am using the widescreen view with the vertical pane arrangement)?

If there is, I can’t find it.


What “document list on the left”?
There is the Navigate sidebar the the very left side, which can be hidden via Tools > Navigate or this toolbar button…

If you’re referring to the item list, this cannot be hidden.

My apologies for not being precise enough.

I found out how to hide the navigation bar on the very left side.

What I would also like to hide is what you refer to as item list. I find it distracting when composing notes or similar.

Anyhow, you confirmed that it cannot be hidden, so I don’t have to look anymore. Thanks.

No problem.

PS: You can always…

  • Double-click the file to open it in a document window (or the associated application for proprietary formats)
  • Use macOS’ full screen, i.e., clickiing the green button at the top left of a document window or use DEVONthink’s View > Full Screen > Document to work in a more isolated environment.

Oh yes, document window, that is not entirely what I was looking for, but actually a quite good alternative - thank you so much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: