Hide/Show Sidebar shortcut

Is there a keyboard shortcut for Hide/Show Sidebar? I cannot seem to find a menubar command for this, similar to Tools>Inspectors>Show/Hide. When I hover over the toolbar item, I see Show/Hide Sidebar as a tooltip. Attempting to set a keyboard shortcut for this command using the system prefs doesn’t appear to work.

You could e.g. use Cmd-Alt-1 as the navigation mode is usually used most of the time.

Thanks @cgrunenberg, that works perfectly. I had tried a couple of other combinations that were not working, so must have been clashing with other shortcuts. I didn’t see the ones I tried listed in the Appendix – is that a definitive list of default shortcuts?

The appendix includes only shortcuts which are not obvious (not part of the main menu).

Is there a shortcut to hide it as well?

It’s the same shortcut (assuming that the sidebar’s navigation mode is selected).


Thanks for that.

I almost open a new feature request but fortunately there’s already a topic.

Can we get a dedicated menu to “Show/Hide Sidebar”
like we get “Inspectors > Show/Hide” @cgrunenberg ?

I know we can hide with the shortcut of currently active sidebar, but one key to toggle it will be handy. You don’t need to pre-assign it to keyboard shortcut, the user can assign it themselves via Apple Preferences/BTT/Alfred. :smiley: