Hiding DTPO after clipping to a database?

Is there a script or preference option that will automatically hide DTPO after clipping a web page to it? I read a lot and find any number of interesting articles that I want to save, so I click on the “Clip to Devonthink” Safari extension. The usual black popup window appears and I select the appropriate group to file it, and click the “Clip” button.

I’d like for DTPO to vanish from view automatically after clicking the “Clip” or “Cancel” buttons. I know, I’m lazy :laughing: ; I could just do a cmd-H, but I really am curious about this.


Minimize DEVONthink to the Dock. Cheers! 8^)

Ah, Jim, have you ever seen a grown man cry? :blush:

Here I am looking for something arcane and you point out the easiest and most obvious solution.

:smiley: No problem. It’s actually not very obvious to me either since I rarely dock an app. I usually Option-click my Desktop but that “unhides” the app too (which is how I figure this one out).

Enjoy your week! 8^)