Hiding the right-side panel when viewing documents?

When viewing PDFs for instance, I like to tile my windows such that I can reference the file in DT and take notes in Obsidian. But I cant seem to figure out how to remove the right panel so that I can have more screen real estate for my PDF text. Of course I can try to do this all manually by moving and sizing the windows so that the panel is off-screen, but it’s kind of a pain to do each time and I cant really fill the screen the same way as when I have a full window to expand.

Is there a way to do this I’m not seeing?

I’m guessing you are referring to the “Inspectors” window? Just click on the “Inspectors” icon in the Toolbar. If not there, add it. If not that, then please provide screen shot of what you see and what you want gone.

thanks! I see now… I did have it in the toolbar, but when my window is small, many of the icons are not visible. I’m on a 13" macbook so not much screen real estate. I have to stretch out the window first, then click it… Is there a keyboard shortcut or menu command so I can activate it when my window is small? I dont see anything under the “view” menu.

You can move the icon into the visible part of the monitor (as I have done as I sometimes use DEVONthink on such a machine). I’ve not found a menu command, but maybe it’s lurking somewhere.

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Tools > Inspectors > Show - toggled with Option + CMD + i.



COOL. Never would have thought to look in “Tools”.

both solutions great! learning more every day. :slight_smile:

Plus each inspector tab has it’s own shortcut, the basic metadata tab is (I think, I’m not on my computer right now) option 1, custom metadata is option 2. Once you’ve chosen one of those the next time you do it will hide the whole inspector.
I find it more beneficial to learn the shortcuts to the inspector tabs I use frequently than to just turn it off or on but that’s just me.


When I forget where something is in the menus (as in this case :grinning:) I just open the Help menu and type the name of the thing for which I’m looking.