Highlight Colors

I fail to understand why, this late in the game, the developers have not fixed the highlight colors.

Hey, developers, simply try this: highlight some words in purple. Then see if you can read them.

Devonthink, as good as it is, is the only application of the many I own that offers highlight colors that render text unreadable.

Perhaps there is a use for this text-obscuring function of which I’m unaware?

Blue is also unreadable. This should be a user controllable option like being able to set label colors.

i have far from perfect eyesight, but when i highlight words in blue or purple they are dark, but not by any means unreadable.

isn’t this a bit petty? nitpicking?

Does Sharpie sell “dark” highlighters? No, because nobody would buy them. Why not go high quality, especially when it’s so easy to do? That’s not nitpicking.

If you find ANY other developer who sticks users with highlights this dark, let me know. I’m confident you won’t find any.

Try Mellel. 8)


… which is still the current MacZOT! offer at the time of this post.

Snow Leopard’s Preview.app allows the user to control the colors used in Highlighting. This is both a solution (at least for PDFs) and example of Apple’s model for human user interface guidelines.

After TWO YEARS, there is still no update.

DEVONThink has HORRIBLE highlight colors.

When I want to read and annotate a document, I have to use Adobe Acrobat Pro.


  1. Change the current colors to: light yellow, light blue/cyan, light pink, light green, light orange. These are the colors that are sold for highlighter markers. Just copy them.

  2. Allow custom highlight colors - just like one can customize label colors.

Currently, I can’t use DEVONThink Pro Office for studying articles. I have to go to an external PDF editor or use my iPad’s GoodReader App.

Please correct this severe deficit in DEVONThink Pro

+1, Please and Thank You.

Thank you for adding customizable highlight colors in ver 2.1!

Nice, isn’t it!

Thank you very much!

This now allows me to use DEVONThink Office Pro for studying and analyzing PDF documents!!!


Now, if only this was also added to the iPad app! Hint!