Highlight in rtf not shown in "Summarize Annotation" if text left selected

I’ve found this recently, probably a bug, so just sharing:

the picture shown below explains it, but again: if highlighted text is left selected, when you do “Summarize Annotaion” it will not go in summarize file.

the rtf file


Summirized files

Below are pics of Summarize file, .md, .rtf, and .tsv.






It’s hard to tell whether the second text is indeed highlighted as it’s selected. A screenshot after deselecting would be useful.

yes, the text is:

  1. selected, then
  2. highlighted with cmd+shift+L

and that is the point: if you leave it that way then that highlight will not go is Summary.

I’ve realised this during weekly review: I open all files to be reviewed in different tabs, then review and highlight certain parts of file 1, then move to other tab (cmd + shift + } ) and so on.
And the when I was re-reading the Summary I realized that some content is missing.

It’s not a big deal of a bug, if you’re aware about it, but I wanted to share it with the community.


Does saving the document make a difference? Over here it’s working as expected.

I think that once you navigate to another tab it saves automatically … so I’m pretty sure everything is saved properly … even more: when I reopen some document, the text is still selected :slight_smile:

maybe it’s worth to say that I make Summary out of more than one file: meaning multiple files are selected before I do Summarize Annotations.
Not sure if that makes a diff.

Although in the example provided above, I recreated the case with only one file.

The last text selection is remembered, therefore deselecting & saving it to ensure that the text is highlighted would be useful.

& saving it

@Abdt: Manually saving is generally good advice when editing documents in any circumstance and evfen other applications.