Highlight remove is not working

hello. I’m new to Devonthink

when I remove highlight via double finger tap on trackpad
it does not working

how can I solve this problem?


The top items of the contextual menu are actually not features of DEVONthink but were introduced by Catalina. Unfortunately they’re still broken on 10.15.4.

@cgrunenberg I’m trying to solve this, too. Are you saying that the Remove Highlight menu item is a standard Apple menu item? I cannot remove any highlighting using this command; even if I just added the highlight.

That’s correct, it’s not a feature of DEVONthink, it’s one of macOS’ PDFkit since Catalina.

Got it. I’ll worry about other things for now and come back to this later. (Maybe after Big Sur?)

Probably a good idea, it’s unlikely that Apple will fix this in Catalina.

Note the Highlight commands in the contextual menu aren’t working either.


  • You can select a block of highlighted text - or even a word in a highlighted block - and choose Format > Highlight and the highlighting of the block will be removed.
  • You can also select and remove highlights in the Document > Annotations inspector.

Works as expected over here, is the PDF editable at all?

is the PDF editable at all?

Yep. I can annotate it with no issues except that contextual menu.

The issue survives after relaunching DEVONthink.

Here’s the file…
xmllint 2.pdf.zip (263.7 KB)

Rebooting next (then time to mow the lawn :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: ).

The Highlight submenu works fine for me.

Also, the Highlight>Off command in that submenu does work to remove the highlighting.

Nope. Same issue in the internal beta after rebooting.

Happening in more than one PDF in more than one database.
The Format menu commands are active, just not the contextual menu commands.

I can also highlight your PDF document :open_mouth: Which version of macOS do you use? What was selected before opening the contextual menu and which PDF mode was active (see editing bar or Tools menu)?

Editing Bar
Selected some text in the first highlighted block.

Strange. It persisted after trashing the prefs too.

Thanks for the info! It works in case of not yet highlighted text or if the complete highlighted text is selected, I’ll check this.

The next release will fix this.