Highlighting and copying from 'launched' PDF

I see that the issue of highlighting a search-text has been discussed in this forum. I am trying out DT to manage a largish collection of PDFs. I MUCH prefer not to transform them into text/rtf when importing into the DT database because not even TextLightning (which I own) does the translation adequately. Formatting is lost or is arbitrary and text is often riddled with unexpected spaces. Tables, images? Forget it.

So when I launch a document it’s still in PDF format. What I want to be able to do is find the search texts HIGHLIGHTED in the PDF (possilble? – PostView does this, if rather badly) and able to be COPIED as either rich or plain text. After all, what’s the point of having a research collection if you can’t re-purpose the text. Copy images, too, if possible.

At that point DT becomes a better research tool (I second the requests for regex searches).