Highlighting ePubs?

I know that it is possible to convert ePubs to numerous other formats, and that is most convenient. But if I wanted to keep the format and highlight the text (just like in Apple Books or elsewhere) I am not allowed to. Is there any way? Could this be an idea for future development?

Not good enough to use the terrific feature of DEVONthink that enables easy access to files in their native app, e.g. Apple Books? Do your highlighting, bookmarking, and reading there in a secondary window of Apple Books holding that epub. No different really using a subset of features that DEVONthink might be able to provide (at some cost to them) in a secondary window. No?

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It is certainly enough to work with, but with an enhancement of the internal reader it would be possible to stay within the same ecosystem, avoiding “dirty” applications like Apple Books that are slow and populate its library every time an ePub is opened.

Ohhh Kaaaay.

Just a matter of perspective, I guess. I consider it The macOS “ecosystem” which is there to use.

I’d rather not DEVONtechnologies spend a lot of their scarce resources on developing yet another ePUB reader, esp since Apple Books and surely other apps are available now.



Calibre comes to mind

Calibre is a great Swiss Army knife but as a reader it is even worse. And besides as well as Books, Fb Reader or others, it adds every open ePub to its library, not allowing a cleaner “opening on the fly”.