Highlighting improvements

Love the program, but given the sheer amount of text I dump into DT, I’d like to be able to find essential passages easily. With that in mind, I can see a couple of improvements to highlighting.

  1. A tool change key combination (like Notebook’s comman-option-control) that brings up the highlighter on the fly.

  2. Highlight as a search criterion (with separate colours while we’re at it)

  3. A "summarize" option that would grab highlighted text from multiple documents.

Is any of this coming in the foreseeable future?

On the other hand, If you give me OPML import and display, I promise to stop hoping for you to merge with Circus Ponies. :wink:

As nobody else has requested these features so far (and DEVONthink is not going to be like Circus Ponies Notebook), it’s very unlikely that those things will be added in the near future. But OPML import will come in v1.8.

Glad to hear it.

As for the rest, my recent move to Panther has improved overall speed and usability enough to allow me to link CPNotebook and DT in a way that doesn’t interrupt my workflow.

Now to spend a few hours fixing my DT database and links after the move to a new partition (dammit I should have kept the whole thing in the user folder!)