Highlighting in Markdown document

I save webpages as clean markdown document in DTTG. Then I would like to work with this text, meaning, like in pdfs I would like to highlight important phrases. But I realized that this seems not be possible, right?

Would it be possible to implement such a functionallity? Otherwise I have to convert it to RTF to mark such phrases to use the formatting functionallity, and underline or ‘bolden’ such phrases.

As Markdown documents are, by definition, plain text, the only way to highlight something is to use, well, Markdown formatting. But you’re free to modify the captured Markdown document in any way you like.

That means, I need to switch to editing mode and use markdown-tags to highlight the text? What are the markdown-tags for highlighting?

Exactly. Please have a look at the Markdown and MultiMarkdown documentation for more info about what you can do with it:


Ah, okay. Looks like there is no code for highlighting. Could use bold or something like that or convert it to RTF or pdf.


By, the way: Is there a script In DTPO to automatically convert Markdown-documents into pdfs oder RTF and delete the Markdown-document?

You could use HTML code for highlighting in a markdown document. For example start your highlighted text with and end the highlighted section with . This works fine in DTTG. An alternative is to use CriticMarkup http://criticmarkup.com/ (which is what I do) and edit in an external editor like Editorial which supports CriticMarkup (DTTG doesn’t). The syntax for highlighting in CriticMarkup is {==text==}

Okay, thanks for the tip, but actually it is not nice to change to editing mode, because it’s not nice for reading. I think I will convert the markdown in pdf or RTF.

Markdown doesn’t have a native way to highlight, but since HTML does, you’re good. You should be able to use ```

your text to be highlighted

If DT is using MultiMarkdown then you can use CriticMarkup to do strikethrough, highlight, etc. But I'm not sure that it is using the latest and greatest MMD.