Highlighting like in the Snow Leopard Preview

This what I ever wanted in pdfs (e.g. scientific papers):

Highlighting just the text in one column. And give the possibillity to highlight constantly, that means switch it ‘on’ and everytime you mark a sentence it highlights immediatly, without pressing any other key or something else.

Hope DTPO get’s this soon …

I was so happy to have a highlight functionality, anyway. But this one in SL is it like it should be. And it’s enough.

It’s easy to highlight text in just one column. Hold down the Option key while drawing a ‘box’ around the text you wish to select.

Then press Shift-Command-L.

Probably not a good idea to make that automatic when text is selected, though. I never use highlighting in my references, but often clip a bit of text for a quote.

Dear Bill,

yes, I know. But you need this additional key, now in SL it’s like highlighting in the real world.

Let me just add another advantage of the SL highlighting/selecting - when you copy/paste text from Preview selected documents, then text behaves normally - meaning no weird characters and white space is introduced (unlike when you use the command-option trick)

I too would love to have this implemented - right now I read my papers in Papers because you can do this. Would love to be able to do it in DTPro