Highlighting misses the words and makes the text unsearchable

Hello, I use Devonthink for storing PDFs and highlighting on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Sometimes, like now, after hours of reading and highlighting a book the search simply stops working and all my highlights became a square with a question mark inside (see image). It is so frustrating because I really like DT. But it is just not being reliable for my PhD research. I thought it was a problem with the previous DT mobile app, but no, it is still happening. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help, please?

Welcome @diegolourenco

This is likely an issue with Apple’s PDFKit and CID fonts. Can you start a support ticket, then ZIP and send me the file?

Thank you @BLUEFROG. Files are too large apparently but I sent the dropbox link for download.

You’re welcome. I responded in your ticket and have sent notes to Development for assessment.