Highlights in DTTG obscures words

Hi all,

I had this problem for a while now. I use DTTG on my iPad to annotate my PDF’s.
Opening the PDF shows all of my annotations, made by the highlight drawing pencil (not the word selection tool) obscuring words. This only happens in external apps on mac/ipad/ios such as PDF expert and Adobe.

Screenshot of my PDF on Mac, opened with PDF expert:

Screenshot of my PDF, opened with Devonthink on Mac:

Screenshot of DTTG on ipad:

It has been there for a while but only started bothering my now.

(all the rest of the annotations were made by Notability, before exporting it as a PDF to Devonthink).

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Your screen capture is showing an issue in PDF Expert, so have you talked to them about this?

Most likely PDF Expert and other apps are drawing the highlights on their own but don’t support the transparency used by PSPDFKit. A 3.x release of DEVONthink also added support for this.

That’s what I was thinking as well. PSPDFKit is using an variable opacity setting.

Hi all, thank you for your replies.
Here you have a screenshot of another slide, marked with DTTG on ipad and opened with Devonthink on Mac. So no other PDF readers were involved this time. Same issue: words are obscured. I can however open the same file with DTTG on ipad and I can see all the marked words.

What verison of DEVONthink To Go and DEVONthink are you running?

Please ZIP that PDF and attach it to a support ticket.