Highlights in Webarchives Files are not in Annotations?

i think it´s not supposed to be
If i Highlight with a Color something in a Webarchiv File, it is not shown up in the Annotations overview (CTRL+6) inside the Document.
Confusingly the Pictures are listed in the Annotations for Webarchives
But if i Highlight something in a PDF Document i can see it inside the File under Annotations Overview (CTRL+6) and it jumps easily between them.

I like the Annotation Feature, it´s like Bookmarking in a File.

PDFs and webarchives are not the same format. Highlights in web content are not detected as annotations.

Development would have to assess the feasibility of this and the images as annotations.

Hi bluefrog,

do You have any updates about the annotations in webarchives? Is it possible to implement the extract-feature for webarchive annotations like pdf annotations as markdown maybe?

No updates to speak of at this time.

Development would have to comment on the technical feasibility.

This would be cool, but I’ve also just decided that converting a captured HTML page or web archive to PDF then adding my highlights is fine too.

I would love to figure out a way to read in my browser when I find something interesting, highlight right away (in the browser), then send that page to DEVONthink as a PDF with those annotations preserved, but I won’t hold me breath. Sounds like that’s far more difficult that it seems. Every app I’ve tried kills the annotations upon export to PDF. But I digress. :smile:

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I am not sure that can be done to save a whole set of annotations on a page

But if you use Google Chrome then you can easily highlight one specific sentence or paragraph in a web page and save it as a Chrome Deep Link. You can save the Chrome Deep Link as a bookmark in DT3. The highlight will not be displayed with the built-in DT3 browser, but it will be displayed if you launch the URL from DT3 back to Chrome.

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Very cool, thanks!