Hit or miss printing problems

When I attempt to print out an individual item in a database, sometimes the item prints, and sometimes it does not print and I get an “Error while printing” message. Sometimes an HTML item will print, and sometimes another HTML item will not print. Sometimes a RTF item will not print, and sometimes another RTF item will print. Sometimes it is possible to print the item that is listed right after the item that will not print. Oddly, if I merge an item that will not print with another item, the resulting merged document will print.

I am able to consistently print items from other applications such as Mail, Safari, Firefox, Word etc. so it appears that this problem of mine is an issue related specifically to DevonThink Pro.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks.

None of this is normal, fortunately.

How are you printing? I.e., are you opening the item in a window (Data > Open) or are you selecting the item in a list in a view and invoking Print? If you open the item in an external app (e.g., open the RTF file in TextEdit) can you print without trouble there?

If you haven’t run Verify & Repair, and Rebuild Database, you could see if those procedures help. You could check the Console for errors when your printing attempt fails. If there are obvious errors (ones that specifically implicate DEVONthink and printing) it would be useful to open a ticket with Support.

Or, you might simply have a permissions problem and need to repair permissions on your machine.

Sorry, there’s not a lot to go on in the OP so its necessary to try to suggest multiple approaches.

Thanks for all those suggestions korm. As you suspected, I have been selecting the item in a list in a view and invoking Print–sometimes it prints, and sometimes it doesn’t. Taking you up on one of your ideas, I opened a RTF with TextEdit and the item I hadn’t been able to print, DID print! Great!! Also, if I open an HTML in Safari (or TextEdit), the item that hadn’t printed, will print! If I open with Word, I get a message “Word could not communicate with the printer…your printer or its driver may not be set up correctly…you may need to adjust your printer settings.” This may be more of a Word, Printer issue than a DT issue.

I would like to be able to just select an item and invoke the print command (I used to be able to do this without a problem) because it is so easy but I am hesitant to try any of the other ideas you put out there because I don’t want to get in over my head technologically and risk running into other potential problems with my databases. I’ll probably just go with the TextEdit or Safari solution.

Thank you very much for your help!!! I really appreciate it!!!

Just to say it – I’ve never had a problem printing an item selecting it in a list, or while it is open in a Window. The other problem you reported with Word might indicate a system configuration error with the installation of a printer.