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There is a template “Home Inventory”. I find it great. Is there a way to add photos to the list for each item? That would be very practical.

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Es gibt ja ein Template “Home Inventory”. Finde ich super. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit auf Fotos in die Liste zum jeweiligen Artikel hinzu zu fügen? Das wäre sehr praktisch.

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Theoretically you could add a new rich text column and then add the image to this rich text column, ideally using the forum view. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for many items as the sheet will become really huge.

Also, the images don’t scale when added to the sheet so it would either need to scroll or look a bit awkward IMHO…

Hello together,

thank you very much for the hints.
How about if a column could add and there create an alias to the photo? Would that make sense? I would create a folder where the inventory would be and a file with all the photos.

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vielen Dank für die Hinweise.
Wie wäre es wenn ein Spalte hinzufügen könnte und dort ein Alias zum Foto erzeugt? Wäre das Sinnvoll? Ich würde einen Ordner erstellen wo das Inventory wäre und einen Ablage mit allen Photos.

If the images should be stored in a database, then you could also use a Cross Link column and link to the image that way.

I do not know if I have created this correctly. I have a column and tagged with URL. So I have a link to the photo in the database.
If it was so in your sense, then I thank you very much.
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ich weiss nicht ob ich das nun richtig erstellt habe. Ich habe eine Spalte und mit URL getaggt. So habe ich eine verlinkung zum Foto in der Datenbank.
Wenn es so in Eurem Sinne war, dann danke ich Euch vielmals.
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What’s the type of the Bilder column? URL or cross link?


that would be a URL link. I actually don’t know how a cross link is created? :slight_smile:

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das wäre ein URL-Link. Ich weiss eigentlich gar nicht wie ein Cross-Link erstellt wird? :slight_smile:

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The German name of this column type is Verweis auf Objekt.

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The Hook App may be an option for you also.

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In what way?

Store the pictures in a folder on your HDD and Hook will provide a link for use in your DT note.


Applescript is your friend here; never a fan of using third-party apps in a workflow if it can be avoided.

Here is a routine I used to create links - Will make links to files, and mail items · GitHub

I’m not a fan of creating/editing lists
I use tags; Inventory-Home, Inventory-HomeBR, Inventory-LR, …
Devonthink generates the list

The tag can be assigned to a group for each item
and the group contains photos, receipts, manuals, …

If a spreadsheet is needed, it can be generated via an applescript
I use this for budget/expense reports, and task management