Hotkey for new notes

Does anyone know if it possible to create a hotkey that would allow quick creation of a New rich text or New plain text?

Something that would work from any application and possibly even if DTP was closed.

FYI I am not referring to clipping services. Would like to be able to quickly jot down a note/list/whatever and have it saved in DTP.

This might be possible using QuickSilver but the DEVONjot widget is probably an easier solution.

I am sorry to hijack this thread, as you mention not wanting to use the services:

with the app “service scrubber” you can assign different/new keyboard shortcuts to services and/or clean out that darn service menu which can get overcrowded very easily.

An alternative solution could be to just use quicksilver to save text to a file which is in a watch folder for DTP, i.e. a folder either with a folder action script, or just one that gets indexed by DTP.

Still another alternative might be to use Leopard’s Mail, or special apple script that does what you want.

It probably all depends on whether you want DTP to add it immediately or just whenever you want to open DTP?