Hotservice 2.3


Tried to install HotService 2.3. Placed it in “inputmangers.” Nothing happened. What am I missing?

Apple has restricted the use of input managers in Leopard – probably because so many OS hacks were causing problems for their customers, beyond Apple’s control.

So for the time being (at least), HotService won’t work under Leopard.

Bill, I have not yet gone to Leopard. I use Tiger. BTW, do you consider HotService a haxie?

Anything that modifies the behavior of the operating system is a hack.

Hacks are not necessarily bad. I use a few of them, and I’m very cautious about selecting them. But some hacks have “unintended consequences” and that usually is bad.

Christian writes good code. The HotServices input manager plugin either works without unintended consequences, or it doesn’t work and doesn’t affect the OS. Unfortunately, there are hacks out there that have caused problems.

Christian has posted elsewhere on the forum his opinion that Apple’s introduction of restrictions to the use of input managers in Leopard probably signals that this mode of modifying the behavior of OS X may become a dead end. Yes, there are ways of “getting around” Apple’s limitations introduced in Leopard. But Apple has signaled that they intend to protect their operating system – and their customers – from OS modifications that result in flaky computers.

Apple Support tries to work with customer problems. But if you have been following their support documentation you will note that if a customer requests assistance and that customer’s computer has certain hacks, Apple’s response is that their recommendation is removal of those hacks, else seek support by the developer(s) of the hacks.

Assuming Devon supports HotService, I for one would like to have the “services menu” in my menu bar. How do I do that? How do I invoke HotService 2.3.

Thanks in advance for the help. As well as the good advice. :slight_smile:

I know that HotService 2.3 works on Intel (and PPC) Macs under OS X 10.4.10. I would assume that it works under 10.4.11, but haven’t tested that. It doesn’t work under OS X 10.5.x. I don’t know whether or not Christian plans a rewrite that will work under Leopard.

Have you done a logout/login or restart since installing HotService? I don’t remember for sure, but perhaps that’s necessary to get it recognized.

I’m running 10.4.11 :exclamation:

Now, I’ve got it! :bulb: