Hours left on demo?

Is there any way to tell how many hours are left on a DEVONthink Pro demo? No, I’m not as cheap as that sounds, and I’ve been sold by using the demo for just a few hours, but I’d like to wait until agent expires beta reaching retail 2.0 so that I can buy the pro bundle… Oh wait, I just read something that makes me assume I can buy the Pro bundle now and get a free upgrade to 2.0 on the agent portion when it’s released. But, still, is there any way to tell how long is left on the think demo?

When you open DT Pro watch the splash screen. After you’ve used it awhile, like 30 hours or so, you’ll see the seconds start counting down and beside it will be the hours left. I have less than 100 now so the time left displays for several seconds and I can easily read it. At first, DT Pro opened without a prolonged delay because I had not used many hours and I never could look fast enough to see it.

Hope that helps.