how am i supposed to use the DevonJot widget?

I downloaded and installed the new DT Pro app and the widgets. the search widget works fine for me but i can’t figure out how to use the jot widget. i thought it would allow me to quickly type notes and save them to the database but it doesn’t allow me to type anything. i can’t figure out how to use the thing.

what is this widget intended to do and how is it used?

Click on the small “I” symbol in the bottom right corner. The Widget will flip over, allowing some options: database to receive the note; location of the note (top level or Custom – if Custom, the note will be sent to the group designated). Font options are also available.

When done with the reverse side options, click on “Done”.

Click near the upper left corner of the Widget and an insertion point will appear. Type a short note. When finished, click on the Take Note button.

The note will be sent to the location you designated, with a name beginning “jot…”.

Hope this helps.

Since it has been noticed by many people: it is currently (as far as I could tell) out of our control to make the I-Beam cursor appear anywhere else than the upper left corner. This has to do with the limitations of using the WebKit as an editor and it is up to Apple to fix this.

If you use the Stickies widget from Apple, you will notice a similar problem.

:wink: You could use the fact that the pencil is pointing to the upper left corner as a memento to click there if there is no I-Beam cursor visible. (I apologise to the people who write right to left…)

ok, it’s working now, thank you. Two things:

first, i don’t have the options Bill reports. I have three options on the info side:

  1. application (DevonNote or DT Pro)
  2. Font name
  3. font size

that’s it. no level, no database selector.

Second, you can only make this thing active by clicking in the upper left corner. i realize that’s where the cursor has to start but can’t you make it so that clicking anywhere on the front of the widget activates the cursor?

Ok, if you don’t see the database selector, you’re running “DEVONjot”. This is an old widget and I wouldn’t recommend its use.

If you still have the “DEVONthink_Pro.dmg” file, open it and double-click the “DEVONjot Pro.wdgt” file. Then you will run the latest widget and the one I recommend you to use (see also remove old widgets). The new widget has a blue icon while the old one had a brown one.

No, I’m afraid I can’t do anything else to show the proper cursor other than have you click in the upper left corner. Whenever updates to the WebKit are included in the OS or Safari, we will check this issue.

yep, was running the old one, thanks. for some reason i thought it was overwrote the old one.

when i try to delete the old one it says i don’t have permission to do so, even though i have full read/write/execute permission on the file. not sure what’s up with that, but at any rate i’ve taken the old one off the dashboard display.

thanks for your help.