How are you folks using DEVONagent in an automated fashion?


I know that I can go and look at the tutorials. Yep. Those are there.

I’m curious how you folks are using DA in an automated way.

I’m trying to deep vs. wide, on the tools I have. I’ve owned DEVONthink Pro Office since 2008, and I’m still learning new stuff. I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’d like to get more use out of DA.

Thank you for your time and help!

Aaron Kulbe


I used to combe (competitor) sites for news every week automagically. DA crawls through the sites and dumbs anything new into an archive. I’ve done a similar thing with patent searches. The amount of data is quickly overwhelming so you’ve gotta stay dilligent pruning…

Now I am back in a more traditional engineering role, I am thinking to set up automation to go through the various engineering forums I deal with for specific news (chip set changes, library updates etc.). The problem is that many of these forums are on the discourse platform (as is Devon) and DA has a bit of trouble searching through those.