How automated Scan & OCR for news Docs (DT - DTTO)

Thank you in advance for your help.
I would understand very well if I were referred to a message.

I used to use Scanbot on IOS, which has since become Swiftscan.
The name change was also accompanied by a policy change.
The content of the documents / scans was previously OCRised. Now without a subscription the content of the documents is not…

My scans are stored on iCloud, and as you can see I want to be able to do fulltext searches in my scans, not just the title.

I would like to know how to “put under surveillance” a folder, so that its content is automatically scanned OCR and searchable.
I have devonthink pro & devontogo.

I want to be able to deposit my scans and have the new scanned ones detected and OCR’d automatically…

I’m pretty sure that someone has already found the solution so I’m interested

You could index this folder, then a smart rule could perform the conversion. The following smart rule setup should get you going:


  • Kind is PDF
  • Word Count is 0


  • On Import


  • OCR > Apply

Thanks for you help.
I duplicate my scan source , remove the last year directory to make a quick test.
![Capture d’écran 2021-03-15 à 18.25.01|690x315]
So i only have /#SwiftScanCopie/
files in the root of this directory /#SwiftScanCopie/2021/
files in the root of this directory too

I do (i think) the smart rules … (screenshot)
After i close the app , relaunch and put the directory for /2020 …
The problem is i can close / relaunch the app the new directory is not detected …

I suppose i do some wrong ^^ (note i’m not expert in using rules)

I don’t understand what you are saying, unfortunately. What I can say is that the smart rule is incomplete - Criss suggested you use

but you have only used Kind is PDF.

As far as the directory not being detected, I think it would be helpful if you could post screen caps explaining what you mean.

Is its enclosing folder indexed in DEVONthink? And what’s the full path of the directory?

thanks to you @Blanc @cgrunenberg and hello again.

At the moment I can’t get the new entries (document or folder) to detect the path: /users/Work/Library/Mobile documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/#SwiftScanCopy

I thought it might require restarting the application (but that doesn’t seem logical)

But not better with the restart application for the moment

That’s the folder indexed in DEVONhink? Or the one which should be detected?

This folder is the one i would like to index & should be detected.
(It’s a copy of the original folder just in case …)

What do you mean by “a copy” ? An alias?

Sorry i do a copy (duplicate all my folder & files i mean backup) and use the backup files Thanks

Sorry is there someone can help me or just can give a link to solution…

We can’t reproduce the problem at will so there’s no solution to offer at this time.
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Now it’s working thanks you a lot for your help :slight_smile:
Have a nice week :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it.
You have a great week as well :slight_smile: