How best to handle Pages documents - iCloud or in database?


I am wondering how best to handle my iWork '09 Pages documents. It makes sense to me to keep my Pages documents within DT because it is where I store all of my other text files, PDFs, etc - i.e. it would be good if they were searchable in DT along with everything else. The iCloud sync solution is seamless and works across my Macs and iOS devices. Of course, DT is about to improve its sync solution and presumably this will work across DT and DTTG with Dropbox as online storage. But you can’t edit Pages documents in DT and the iCloud solution is so seamless it seems a pity not to use it. I could perhaps index the folder in Finder that handles iCloud documents, but as I understand it from other posts on this forum, this isn’t an ideal solution.

I’d be glad to hear about how others have handled this.



As you say, pages documents in iCloud are wonderfully accessible from Macs and iOS devices.

Although I don’t use Pages for most of the notes and drafts within DEVONthink Pro Office databases, there are times when it would be convenient to open and edit a note from my iPad or iPhone. One example is a journal I keep, miscellaneous notes chronicling daily events and tasks. I keep them in a database, and they often contain information that can be useful in the future.

In the past I’ve created a new rich document for each year’s journal, within a DEVONthink database.

I’m experimenting with Pages as the host for journal notes. There are some drawbacks, such as the need to Index the iCloud document and so remember to update it each time I open it in the database. If I forget to do that and edit the document, I could lose information that had been entered on an iOS device. Sometimes I have included Item Links within the journal, for easy access to another document; that doesn’t work in Pages. For these reasons, I may very well go back to my former journal vehicle, rich text. If so, I can copy/paste data from the Pages notes. But even if I do that, I think I’ll find Pages in iCloud useful.

One of the reasons I dislike index capture of files is that I frequently move my databases from one computer to another, and “dangling” external files could turn up missing after moving the database. That wouldn’t be a problem for files stored in iCloud, though. There’s only the need to update the file before editing it from the Mac database. (Similar comment for Indexing content via Dropbox.)

Some people prefer plain text for notes. I like to be able to format text, add clickable links, images or tables as might be useful, and see those features immediately.