How can a document only be located under a tag?

I have an old document “Nominal vs Structural” that I found by accident via a search only under a tag:

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 10.30.10 am

How is this possible? I would expect it at least under some normal group.

The properties of the document look like this:

Creating files directly in a tags group was possible in old databases in version 2. That lead to the file existing nowhere but in the tag group.

It’s no longer possible and improvements in version 3 disallow this from happening.

And you can use this script to make sure that all records are at least in one normal group.

Hey, the script looks super-cool! thanks!

Do I understand it correctly that it adds the document to the database root group?

Is this document in the root group then a copy or the same document as the document under the tag?

From the code of the script
replicate record thisRecord to root of database of thisRecord
I would guess that it’s a replica. Not a copy but essentially the same document.

Yes, it replicates into the root.