How can I add a folder on my NAS into the Database?


I want to add a folder from my NAS (photos) to DevonThink without importing the data into the database. I’ve read somewhere (but I dont know where and what the key words have been, havent found that) that it should be possible to just add some sort of link to that folder into DT and that from within you can manipulate the stuff just as it was on the finder (and it stays on the NAS).

Can anyone help me?


Index the folder (File menu>Index…).

Not exactly. Indexing allows you to use the files for searching / classification inside DEVONthink as if they were imported but it is not a Finder replacement.

Ah, thanks. Indexing helps.

So - if I index a folder and rename a file from AAA.BBB to AAA1.BBB this won’t work? Gonna try this on the weekend.

Renaming documents will work fine. You don’t need to use your NAS to test this. Create a folder on your desktop, place some demo documents into it, and the index it to one of your databases (Global Inbox database works fine) to test it. Indexing documents can be a very powerful way to access your data, but it would be well worth your time to discover the nuances of indexing before indexing a large number of important documents. Searching these forums on the keyword ‘indexing’ will uncover a lot of information on the topic.