How can I add files without indexing or importing.

I’m curious to know if there is a method, perhaps using a script, to quickly add files from a filesystem to DTPO, recursively, without incurring the penalty of indexing them?

The reason for this is simple: Importing/Indexing files (from File|Import… or File|Index…) within DTPO takes an inordinate amount of time. Further complicating matters is that nothing else can be done with DTPO while the process is underway.

Moreover, the chance of error is, as with any increase in complexity, greater when indexing; especially if OCR must be performed.

I apologize if I’m using inappropriate terminology in relation to DTPO. I’m using what I know according to my own limited experience.

There are three methods to put a document in DT: import it, index it, or create it using the program (Data > New, and related commands). If you script the process, you’ll be calling the code in DT that does the same things. As with any database, the time to get data into it is directly proportional to the amount and complexity of the data. IOW, will be no time savings with a script or other custom code.

However, I’m wondering if there is a different problem. Your descriptions (“penalty”, “inordinate time”, “error when indexing”) suggest that there might be something about your workflow that could be improved. Could you explain the problems you encounter a bit more? It might be advice on workflow that will help rather than advice on alternate input methods.