How can I delete a Smart Rule

I installed a trial version of Trickster, which offered a link to a Smart Rule to download and integrate DEVONthink and Trickster. I decided not to continue with Trickster, but now when I send a document to DEVONthink a message box pops up asking me where the Trickster app is located. I checked with the Trickster folks, who confirmed the problem was the Smart Rule I’d installed. BUT, how can I uninstall that Smart Rule? It’s not, for example, in the section titled in Smart Rules down near the bottom of my Side Bar (that’s grayed out). Haven’t been able to find my answer in the user manual, in DEVONthink’s menu items, or in the forums here.

I’d appreciate your help.


I finally found the Smart Rules in the More Scripts… menu item, then under the Smart Rules “tab.” I found the “Track with Trickster” script but it’s indicating it needs to be installed, with no way given to delete or remove it.

Again, please help.


Throwing caution to the wind, I went ahead and clicked on the Install button for the Track with Trickster script icon, then closed and reopened the Smart Rules section and then clicked on the remove button for that icon, and now when I add docs to DEVONthink everything seems to work properly. Sometimes a blind squirrel finds a nut!

Thanks for your patience!


Is the option to automatically install extras in the Support Assistant en- or disabled?

Enabled, but that wasn’t the problem (I don’t think). When a first installed Trickster, it gave me the option to install the integration element, which I chose. Then later, when I tried to uninstall Trickster, whenever I tried adding a document to DEVONthink, I kept getting a message asking me where the Trickster app was. I finally fumbled my way to a solution, as described in my third post.