How can I delete a stamp from a document?

I put a stamp by mistake on a PDF-Doc and want to delete it. But I cannot figure out, how to do this. Is it really impossible?


Correct. You cannot remove an imprint on a file. That is why there’s an option to duplicate a file before imprinting in Preferences > Imprinter.

I can‘t see the logic behind this behaviour.

Stamps work like in the real world, you can’t remove them anymore.

I guess that makes the stamp tool in DTTG out of this world :slight_smile:
(as it’s possible to remove that stamp, which I frequently do)

On the serious side: the first time I used the imprinter I was under the impression as well the imprint was removable (although the name obviously hints towards a permanent effect). The first PDF I imprinted more or less felt like the inevitable permanent marker on a white board :sob:

Would it be possible to have a choice between a removable ‘stamp’ or ‘sticky’ vs. a permanent imprint?

The duplicate option is the advocated method at this point.

I know, I tried to squeeze it in as a feature request :slight_smile:

Duplication doesn’t really work for my workflow to be honest (and I’m allergic to duplicates), and I’ll manage with the manual DTTG stamp.

But couldn’t the option to choose for an automatic layered annotation serve a similar purpose as imprinting? With the difference of course that one can remove the automatically placed annotation/stamp.

I understand there are situation where ‘permanent’ imprinting is required, but the same goes for removable annotations/stamps.

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I can’t answer about the implementation. It’s likely possible but also remember we work with Apple’s PDFKit so there may be limitations. For example, we don’t use PDFKit in DEVONthink To Go so it has different behavior available.

I like to strongly support this feature request from Cambrian.

  • Fortunately we are in the “real digital world” which has some advantages to the “pure real world”. We can edit and correct mistakes without being bothered like in the times of typewriters. So why going back to these times and throw away these advantages here? Please let us choose.
  • And yes, making duplications is not such a smooth workflow. It just doubles my files, which I have to remove later.
  • I can’t use imprints in the original Apple PDF application. It seems to me, the imprint feature is something that comes from DT!?


I have to agree with the above. When I saw the feature I thought it might be very useful. Then when I realised it was permanent without ever being able to remove, I relegated it to ‘will never use’. If given an option of permanent / removable in prefs, I suspect it would mean many more people might use it as a feature going forward.

This tool adds an annotation whereas imprinting does (intentionally) not.

I know, it was meant as a silly reply to your remark that stamps aren’t removable in the ‘real world’, which would make the DTTG stamp ‘out of this world’ (but I‘m the first to admit I won’t win a comedy award with that answer).

Nevertheless, I assume my reply was liked based on it’s serious content and the users that replied in this thread seem to agree a removable annotation as an option to permanent imprinting would be appreciated.

Any chance of that incorporating that option to the ‘imprinter’ proces?

We’ll consider this for future releases.

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