How can I edit document Properties metadata? (Author, Subject, Title, Keywords etc.)

I’m trying to add text in the fields we could call up from CTRL+P when a doc is selected–the so-called “Properties” tab, in Inspector. But I can’t–they’re grayed-out. What’s making me especially bonkers about this, is that I was just entering text into the “Keywords” field in this very same (Properties) tab, just over an hour ago–for another doc. Now howeve, these fields are all locked. What gives? I made all the files I want to add this metadata to myself. The documents are not locked. I’ve tried to click in these fields on screenshots and .txt files, for troubleshooting–no dice.

Can anyone enlighten me on what I’m doing wrong and/or why I could so effortlessly enter data in these fields so recently, but not now? I’m stumped!

Thanks y’all,

Those only apply to RTF and PDF files. It is not available for other file types.

I’m playing around with the CLI tool “exiftool” to set PDF metadata and can confirm this. After writing metadata via exiftool the fields can be edited in DEVONthink, but randomly they are greyed out after some time. After doing other stuff in DEVONthink and then opening the same record in a document window the fields can be edited again.

I have no need to edit them in DEVONthink after setting them via exiftool but it’s definitely unexpected behaviour that they are on and off greyed out.

I would guess it’s syncing during the disabled period.

No sync involved. Wasn’t the first time I saw this, just the first time I was absolutely sure to post it.

This inspector is only editable if there’s a preview pane.