How Can I Export Bookmarks from DT?

I’ve got a large hierarchy of bookmarks stored in DT. Some are stored as links. Some are stored as aliases to .webloc files in the file system and some are stored as .webloc files directly in DT.

My ultimate goal here is to get my bookmarks into the bookmarks hierarchy in A9 (via the A9 toolbar in OS X Firefox)

Exporting as “files and folders” ends up giving me .dtlink files which I don’t know how to import into a browser. Exporting as website does nothing and Exporting as OPML gets me to a file that could potentially be imported into a browser, but I just can’t find a browser or tool that will allow me to import OPML containing links.

Any ideas?


I have the same problem, any ideas?

Aren’t the links and aliases the same kind of DT document? And it’s probably more accurate to say the last ones are stored in the database as URL documents rather than .webloc files.

I asked something similar about a year ago and don’t remember getting a response. A forum search isn’t cooperating so I can’t find the discussion about it. It was in the context of being able to have all data stored in DT exportable in formats usable by other “popular” applications.

Here’s a discovery …

Dragging a URL document from DT to the Desktop (or some folder) creates a .dtLink for it, but dragging it to a Safari window opens the location as though it were a .webloc file. And dragging URL docs from DT to Safari’s bookmarks window creates regular bookmarks, which can then be managed just like any others.

So, that’s one way of handling this until it’s possible to directly export URL documents into a more generally useful format than .dtLink files only meant for DT import. I doubt it’ll work with Firefox but maybe (at least) OmniWeb and Camino. No time for further exploration right now.