How can I find “Inconsistencies” files?

Today when I sync with DTTG, it says “Failed database verification, please repair the database”.

So I verify and repair in DT3, says 30 Inconsistencies. Then, I tried to repair but failed.

I searched the topic on forum, found maybe because zero byte files left in database. I do not fix that yet.

I have three questions below:

  1. Why zero byte file cannot leave in the database? Zero byte file is Inconsistent with who?
  2. Why not show all the problematic files when the fail error “Inconsistencies” show up?
  3. How can I manually find them? (I am not sure “Inconsistencies” is only because of zero byte file or not, maybe have other fail reason)

See here.

To the best of my knowledge the files will be listed in the log when you do “verify and repair”; probably via the context menu of the log entry. I’ve never had the problem, so I’m not completely sure on that.