How can I find the Markdown documents which display a local image

I have Markdown files (residing in the database) which display certain local images (which are in-database as well).

When I have such an image selected, how can I find the Markdown documents which display this image? (I tried searching for the image file name, but this didn’t help – I have raw indexing not switched on.)

Any pointers are greatly appreciated! (33 cheers for DEVONthink’s support team here!)

PS: Normally I link to my local images via their database-relative path like


but it would be even better if the search found these references and Item link references to the given image file like x-devonthink-item://166192FB-C906-44B6-A679-0A6C5F2259C9.

I probably have not understood exactly what you want. However, if:

  1. you have a folder of images which are linked to markdown documents in your database;
  2. you have used item links in your markdown documents

you can select an image, look in the links inspector and click on the link under Incoming Links to display the relevant markdown file.

I hope this helps—but apologise if it doesn’t!


Thanks for chiming in, @Stephen_C.

Normally I use absolute or relative path links, not Item Links, so the inspector doesn’t help.

Is there away to find the incoming links like the Markdown file including the image via some search?

Only if you’re indexing the raw markdown source via the hidden preference and rebuilding any databases you want to search.


I just tried setting IndexRawMarkdownSource to yes and it works as expected. :smile: