How can I manage CHM files?

I’m using DT2 pb4
I have several CHM(Compiled HTML)s.
Many of help(reference) files are those, so I’m very curious how can I manage those files.
I have tried the followings.

1. Just add chm files: can’t search the contents of the file though.
2. add decompiled files: this works but doesn’t look very organized.
3. convert chm files to pdf and add them: good except that I can’t get the most of hyperlinks in most cases.
Any idea?

Thanx in advance

You might have a look at chmporter and quickchm:

The next beta will include a workaround so that chmporter will be used.

Great News for me.
I will be expecting the upcoming version.

I just installed DTPO pb5 as soon as I found it available.
Seeing that chmporter was there in the NEW feature of pb5,
I couldn’t find how to use it.
I added several chm files after updates and nothing happens but saying
“unknown format”.
Even when I try convert one into html, it doesn’t seem to work but saying “not converted”.
What can I do?
thanx in advance.