How can I refresh HTML page in DT3

I have an HTML page in DT3 which brings in JSON data from another page stored in DT3.

If I change the JSON data in the source page, the result is not reflected in my rendered HTML in DT3 until I quit and reload DT3. Simply Clicking Reload in the DT3 browser does not work.

Is there any way for me to force this refresh other than quitting and reloading DT3?

<script src="x-devonthink-item://D131EF09-BAFE-4948-95EE-F0393CD5B46C"></script>

Not sure what you’re doing here. An item link isn’t a valid JavaScript source. And no, there’s no forced refresh. Also, the refresh command in AppleScript only applies to feeds.

I am trying to view JSON data (Or in some cases JS array data) that I collect and save in DT3

See this example:

In this case if you load index.html into DT3 and change index.js to an Item-Link to index.js stored in DT3 then it works well.

The only problem is if I change the data then the rendering does not change until I quit and restart DT3

That’s outside our wheelhouse and sounds like a question for the grid.js people / users.

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