How can I remove a tag from multiple items?

How can I remove a tag from multiple items? - When I select multiple documents, in DevonThink’s tag bar at the bottom of the window no tags are shown which I could remove. :confused:

Use the script in Scripts > Tags > Remove tags from selection. You select the documents (multiple selection is OK), run the script, the script prompts for the tag(s) to remove, and does it. If the script is not installed, look at Help > Support Assistant > Install Extras to find it and install it.

Alternatively, albeit a tad less safe, is to browse to the tag in the Tags group of your database, and remove the replicants of the tagged documents that are contained on that group. Do not do this is you have been adding originals of documents directly to Tags.

The scripts works like beaut. :slight_smile: Thanks for the pointer!

I can’t make it work in DT3. Maybe the script should be updated?

That script isn’t a default script nor is it available in the Support Assistant.
Choose Script menu > Open Scripts Folder. Locate the script and double-click it to open it in Script Editor. Paste the code in your response. Thanks.

In version 3 you could use Batch Processing (see Tools menu and its shortcut) and the action “Remove Tags”.

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I am trying to remove tags from multiple rss feeds located in multiple folders inside one central folder “RSS-feedly”.

I.e. i have something like
RSS-feedly: and then

Folder 1

Feed 1
Feed 2
Folder 2

Smart rule does not seem to be able to look “inside” further folders.
What am I doing wrong?:slight_smile:

By coincidence I had a very similar problem just the other day and was unable to make work a smart rulle that included the command to Remove all Tags. In the end I used the following rule, which does work:


However, I still can’t explain why the Remove all Tags smart rule didn’t work.


Thanks for your suggestion @Stephen_C.
Maybe @BLUEFROG can shed some light on the scope of “remove all tags” in our use-case?

I tried to apply your method, by this rules catches zero tags for me …

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry about that! I don’t know what the problem is—partly, I suspect, because I’m not at all familiar with RSS feeds in DT. I think we need to await a Real Expert™.


Is anything actually matched by this smart rule?

No, and that is strange.
Cause if I look into the tags of this DB, it is full of them (i use automatic converstion of tags). Basically my problem is to get read of all the stupid tags which are created from some random RSS data.

Lots of strange tags from RSS feeds:
Smart rule:

0 results:

No i did the following: i changed the search from a folder to the whole DB:

And it works.
The question is why it does not work when I search on one folder?

Not seeing a “remove tags” script here or any of the subfolders. What’s it called?


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Thank you @cgrunenberg. This solved the issue for me, too.