How can I revert to the default sort in a sheet

When I have a sheet (with an underlying CSV file) it is displayed line by line as the underlying CSV contains the rows. Then I activate sorting by a specific column which is great (I see then small arrow in the header of that column).

Now, how can I “unsort” the sheet, i.e. put the display back into the order the underlying CSV has the rows in? Clicking on any other column header gives me just some other sort, but not the unsorted sheet.

Thanks for any pointers!

There is no initial sort. It’s just a listing of the items made.

Development would have to assess this as a feature request.

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The next release will support this by Option-clicking on the header of the column currently used for sorting.


Could you create a ‘sort order’ field and enter ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ etc as you add rows, then sort on that column if you ever want to return to the original order in which you entered rows?

that is exactly what I do, but it is clunky, so thank you @cgrunenberg for adding option to “unsort” back to original entry order.

Super cool. Looking forward to it.

Little question about the logic behind things: Where do you store the sort for a sheet? If I checked correctly, sorting does not seem to alter the sheet file…

Like the sorting of groups/feeds it’s internally stored in the database.

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