How do disable renaming when clicking on document title?

Is there a way to disable renaming the document when click on the document title to select the document. It is quite annoying as sometimes double-click, it goes into rename mode. I rather have context menu item call Rename to rename it. It is unlikely the users want to rename the document when click on it.

There might be a way. But as that is what (for example) Finder does, too, I doubt that the developers are eager to do that. Simply (again, as in Finder), click on the image, not the name, if you want to select the file.

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i see. how I hope the developer will add the option to disable it in the future, as it is unlikely users are going to rename file frequently. It just too easy to go to rename mode unintentionally.

That would make DT behave differently from (all?) other apps on macOS. Very unlikely (and not desirable, in my opinion). On every platform, there are some general UX paradigms. Best to get used to them.


In the mouse settings of macos you can change the “double click interval”. This might help to improve this problem a little bit.

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Welcome @macdevign
How slowly are you clicking? Under normal circumstances, you need to click-pause-click or click an already selected item.

I using DwellClick so what happen it ends up going into Rename mode often. Basically it click once on the row , and then when i move a distance, it click again, and end up in Rename mode. The timing does not matter, as long as one click on the same row again after the first click, it goes into Rename mode.

Development would have to assess changing this behavior but thanks for the clarification.