How do DT and DTTG merge databases after sync location is cleaned?

Hello, I think I might have run into some minor issues with syncing and could use some guidance.

I use Dropbox and Bonjour in parallel to sync ~15 GB worth of data from DT on my mac to DTTG to my iPad and iPhone. I have enough storage on my mobile devices so I chose to keep all files always offline.

Yesterday I noticed my Dropbox storage was full so syncing between DT and DTTG was stalled. In hindsight it was probably a bad idea, but I chose to delete some files in DT, clean the Dropbox sync location and re-upload all the data again.

After the re-upload was complete, I launched DTTG on my mobile devices to keep them up-to-date with DT on my mac. I noticed that DTTG went through both downloading and uploading, via both Dropbox and Bonjour. It seemed weird to me because I expected DTTG to only download but not upload, since all the changes (file deletion) were made in DT.

Today I noticed some files showed up in DT again even though I deleted them (and emptied the trash too) before cleaning the location. I’m not sure if all the deleted files were restored or only some of them.

My questions are:
Did DTTG upload the files thet I deleted in DT to the sync store again? How do DT and DTTG merge the changes after the sync location is cleaned? What are the best practices, if any, when the sync location is out of storage and I need to delete some files in my DT database to make room?

Merging of databases just adds to each database what’s missing (and updates items which are older), therefore this is correct.

You would have to delete the files on all devices before merging.

Noted. Thanks Christian! :slight_smile: