How do I change the location address of the webdav server?

After setting up a webdav location for syncing that works fine I want to change to URL.
so, the actual location does not change at bit, just the URL… DEVONthink 3.x seems not to like that.
here: from location: http://machine/
to new: http://machine.domain.extension/
effectively a change from 192.168.x.y to 81.x.y.z (dynamically changing)

so, after settings-sync-location had been edited, devsonthink refuses to sync. quitting the program or restarting the computer won’t help either.

thnx for any ideas :wink:

Is anything logged to Windows > Log?

  • Why, if it was working correctly?
  • Why are you using the IP address instead of the local hostname?
  • Why not put a DHCP reservation to always assign a specific IP address to the WebDAV server machine?

Your post is not very clear. What you probably mean is that you want to change from a local IP address that is not-routed on the internet to a real IP address. For that to work, you must set up port forwarding in your router.
And: that’s not related to DT at all, it’s all about your network configuration. DT doesn’t care a bit where your WebDAV server is located or if you access it via a local or a real IP address.

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thnx for all the input.
there was one error on my side, and one “confusion” on the program side.
yes, my Fritzbox/DHCP forward was messed up/wrong… I played too much in with it in on a different topic. so, fixing this was THE major problem.
but there also was “confusion” on the devsonthink (current version 3.9.1) insofar that it would only accept my changes in the settings-sync-webdayStore AFTER I quit the program and restarted it. So, Christian, you might want to have a look at it :wink: thnx!!

thanks all for your support!

This has nothing to do with DHCP. At all. DHCP is not forwarded, it is strictly limited to one network. As is bonjour, btw.

You should first learn about these network things before you fiddle around with the settings. Also, you might want to consider setting up a VPN on your Fritzbox and connect directly to your NAS’ internal IP address instead of making it accessible from The Net. That’s a lot safer than port forwarding, especially if you’re not knowledgeable network wise.

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I stick to this posting as it kinda still the same…
DHCP / fritzbox / networking all is working fine. tested.
direkt access from the outside with an IPv6 address works fine now as well.
but devonthink-to-go does not like my IPv6 address in the webdav section… it must be written with http://[2a01:123:456::210]/whatever-comes-here-next/.devonthink/ which seems an old way of expressing IPv6. having said that, it does not accept any other form otherwise I won’t be able to “check-mark” it.
… any suggestions? and yes, I did restart the iPhone before posting here :wink:

What else did you exactly try?

Details, please. A textual description doesn’t tell us anything about what you did and what you’re seeing.
What does, for example, “fritzbox is working fine” even mean? If it weren’t working, you’d be having very different problems than accessing a device behind it via IPv6.

Accessing what with which program/tool?

Well, if you’re outside your own network, you must specify a complete IPv6 address, including the prefix. Or what exactly are you looking for here?

Aside: Even when I set my NAS behind the FB to IPv6 exposed host and enabled IPv6 ping, I could neither ping nor traceroute it from the outside (i.e. from T-Mobile)

here the error msg (German):
Fehler bei der Initialisierung des Speicherten ‘DEVON.dtCloud’:

all I do is take the old address (a real name, not a a.b.c.d address) out and replace it with the IPv6 address

(and yes, I am using WebDAV)

OT: Fritzbox DOES its job great in IPv6, but it is tricky… my provider gives me an assigned address space and a “handle f800 address” that I can hook on… so I can forward my IPv6 address space to my providers DHCPv6… and so on…

That is not helpful.

Are you doing that with

  • the fully qualified IP address, or
  • with a local IP address (i.e. without the prefix)?
  • are you doing that in your local network, or
  • outside it?
  • Can you connect in Finder to the WebDAV server with this URL?

Here, neither https:[prefixed-ipv6-address]:5006 works in Finder nor does https:[local-link-address]:5006. In the first case, it complains about a bad certificate (correctly) and then bails out with an error that it says I should ask my administrator about. In the second case, it doesn’t even get to the bad certificate state.

DT complains about a bad request (400) with the full IPv6 address and tells me that I apparently don’t have an internet connection with the local link address.
Given that Finder behaves weirdly, too, it might not be a DT problem at all.

thnx… error found. that was a very tricky one…
here the solution: nextcloud, the server that provides my webdav access, has an access control list for security purposes. Long story short: I had to create an extra DNS entry with only that one IPv6 address, then the addressed could be granted access to the nextcloud server.
@chrillek yes, all access from extern did work, from inside and from outside etc.
@chrillek OT fritzbox: you not only need to set the fb up as a dhcpv6 server, you also need to propagate that back to your providers server (it must be not block your requests). Next you must assign a fixed IPv6 address in the fb network settings… override all with zero’s and just use the last “box” (basically your new address looks like [prefix::number] , and tell the fb that your computer may be accessed from the outside plus it may accept incoming ping… your provider wants to “know” once in a while if “you” are still alive.

Thanks for that! It’s working now (though I didn’t tell Telekom anything about my setup :wink: ) I only activated IPv6 ping, nothing else. But the usual ports are forwarded anyway in the fb setup. Maybe that’s the reason why I can access it with IPv6 and port 5001 although not exposing it as a host on the net.
Anyway, it seems to work. Thanks again.

u r welcome… I am assigned a fixed address… they give me a handle so I build several subnets … maybe that’s the difference… :wink:
… and I only use the fb, because I don not trust the fw of the provider hahahaha

I too am using NextCloud.

  1. Are you using nextcloud to host Devonthink database?
  2. if yes, can you share the settings you used?

In general, you should not host DT databases on a networked server nor in the cloud.