How do I create a new plugin folder?

I wanted to create a plugin that searched multiple Web sites at the same time but I found no documentation on how to do this. So, I decided just to use the simple plugin creator and create multiple plugins and then use them in one search set. It works fine but I would like to put all of them in a new plugin folder but I don’t see a way to create one. I tried just making a folder in the the director where DA stores its default plugins but it won’t let me do this.


  1. Is there actually a way to create a plugin for multiple sites?

  2. How do I create a new plugin subfolder?

This is already possible by using arrays instead of a string for various keys (EngineUrl, EngineNextUrl, EngineSite). For example:


But it’s only recommended if the sites are using the same encoding and return the same number of results per page.

Right now the only possibility is to quit DEVONagent, create a subfolder in the directory ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugin and to move your plugins into this subfolder.

Thanks so much but in the meantime, I realized it was better for me just to create a plugin for each source as that allows me to create customized search sets on the fly from various combinations of sources. Your solution is more elegant of course and I will file it away for future use.

The subfolder worked great…I should have realized I needed to quite the program first.