How do I create a static string of pasteable text?

I have been experimenting with the journal template and have made some modifications to add a couple of extra fields. All that has worked well but I want to be able to update the journal several times daily and would like to be able to paste in a simple block of formatted text as a divider. It will contain the date and time, my name and location, and a divider bar.

My goal is to have this text permanently stored in some fashion so I can just use a hotkey to insert it. It seems that there should be a way via scripting or some similar method to accomplish this task. I just need some guidance on the best way to do this.


TextExpander, Typinator, QuickKeys, Keyboard Maestro – etc. – are good options for this kind of thing. They can all inset current date and time plus the static info you mentioned.

Oops! Never mind, found the Journal Entry template (Help-Support Assistant-Install Extras-Templates-Journal Entry template).

Wondering if your journal template came with Devon Think, as I have no such template; or, did you create the template yourself? Thanks.