How do I create an account when I start from scratch?

I just downloaded DTPO, so I’m still under the trial period.
If I go to the account option under the Help menu, it redirect me to the login page, I click the link to create a new account, but I’m not able to go on.
How do I fix it?

Thank you!

Try using a regular browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and do it at DEVONtechnologies | Welcome.

I’m using Safari on MacOS.
I go to the link, I click on the option to recover password or create a new account.
It redirects me to the “Set Password” page, I enter my email but it says there is no account associated to that password.

Are you sure it was DTPO? That’s the previous generation. We’re on DT3 now.

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Well, it’s been (according to the information on my account page) that it has been more than 11 years ago since I set up my account. So I don’t exactly remember. Perhaps it requires you to be past the trial period and part of purchasing your license. Give that a try!

My mistake.
Yes it’s DT3.

Maybe you’re right.
I’ll let the trial period go on, then I’ll have another try.

Do you have a license for DEVONthink 3 or a previous generation? Then you already have a customer account on our website which is primarily there to keep your licenses. You can simply request a password reset link for the email address you used for purchasing.

Opening an account out of the blue is mainly there for students and educators applying for a discount.

Thank you all for your replies.
I think the account is for people who already have bought DT3, or at least something particular such as the Educational License.
Anyway why bother?
I’m going on with the evaluation without hassle, I’ll worry later…if I have to worry at all…

Exactly, that’s what they are for. If you decide to keep DEVONthink you’ll get your account created for you by the shop system.