How do I get out of Search?

The keyboard shortcut ⎇⌘f starts a database search, and results show up in the current window. Great! But when I’m done with the search, I currently have to click the pointer in the little circled “x” in the search field in the window title bar. But I’m more of a keyboard user and not a mouser, and am trying to find a way to stop a search after I’m done. Is there any key or shortcut that will get out of a search?

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That was one of the first things I tried. Oddly enough, now when I try it, it does work. I don’t understand why it didn’t before but maybe something else was interfering or I had focus in a different window and didn’t realize it. Anyway, thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

New question: After opening a record from a toolbar search’s results the search hits are highlighted. I often find the highlighted hits distracting and dismiss the search by clicking the little circled “x” in the search inspector. Is there a shortcut to quit the inspector search?

If I understand the question correctly, I think escape is what you’re looking for. No, I think you’re asking about search within a document, and the inspector panel on the right-hand side. In which case, I don’t know (but would also like to find out).

Yes, my question is about the highlighted hits inside a document after the document was opened from the results list of a toolbar search (just didn’t want to start a new thread).

Random example:

In general highlighted hits are of course very useful but often I don’t need them and they make reading difficult.

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The only way I can find of doing so is by switching to any other inspector (e.g. with ⌃3; you can even do a double ⌃U). It’s slightly unexpected to me though, that Esc doesn’t work.

A little inconsistency here too: if I do a double ⌃U, then the first instance of the search term (sometimes; most times; I’m not sure) remains highlighted, all others don’t. Opening any other inspector and returning to search - e.g. doing ⌃3 ⌃U - leaves the document without highlights.

These manœuvres only work if the focus is on the document rather than on the search field in the inspector.


So this is a feature request: Please add a shortcut to dismiss a inspector search :eyes: @BLUEFROG

@cgrunenberg I don’t know whether Jim noted the request so I’ll ask again. Could we please get a shortcut? E.g. ESC + some modifier.

In the next release there will be actually a new preference to disable that the Search inspector gets automatically activated.

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