How do I get the Sorter tab to auto-retract?

I frequently use the Sorter / Capture feature, primarily the Selection option. It’s a fantastic time saver for getting items into DEVONthink. But how can I set up this feature to automatically go away after I’ve clicked the “Add” button? It just stays on the screen and I have to click on the gray Sorter flag to put it back in its position. I’d like it to work similar to the Copy / drag to Sorter / drop in the Inbox, after which the Sorter window does auto-return to its normal position.

The Sorter works in the following way:

  • If you opened the Sorter by clicking on the dock tab or menu bar icon, it will stay open until you either change the focus to a different application, or you click on the dock tab or menu icon again. This is so that multiple notes can be created without reopening the Sorter.
  • If you opened the Sorter by dragging files on to the dock tab or menu icon it will automatically close after you have dropped the files on a group or moved the cursor outside of the Sorter window.

Thanks for the helpful response. Related question: is there a way to assign a Hot Key to the Capture / Selection choice? Would make it easier to access.

Hotkey assignments for the Sorter are made in Preferences> Sorter.

I see 4 Hotkey assignments in Preferences>Sorter. I can get the first one to work (Take Note) - when I press my selected Hotkey, the Sorter opens to the Take Note screen. But I can’t get the Copy Selection one to work: when I press the Hotkey, I expect to see the cursor to change to the “target” shape, but it doesn’t do that, thus I can Capture a Selection. What am I missing? Thanks, Tim

The hotkey copies the selection of the currently active app.

Need more details re your response “The hotkey copies the selection of the currently active app.” I’m talking about the Capture / Selection tool. The process I follow now is to 1. click on the Sorter tab, 2. select the Capture icon, 3. mouse-click on the Selection tool, and 4. the cursor changes to a “target” shape. 5. I place the cursor at one corner of the item I want to copy, then 6. drag it to cover the entire area I want to copy. When I let go, 7. it captures that area and shows it in the Sorter. 8. When I click the Add button, it goes to the DEVONthink Inbox, and I can then put it where I want it.

I thought the Hotkey would cut out the steps 1-3 above, which would be a nice productivity gain. But it doesn’t work like that. Am I missing something in the current version 3.5 capability? Of can you add this in the next version? Thanks, Tim

It’s not a hotkey for the Capture / Selection tool, the hotkey just copies the current selection of the active app to take a new note.

OK, so it looks like I misunderstood the functionality of that Hotkey, thanks for clarification. Can you add this to the list for future upgrades? Thanks, Tim

I’ll forward your request.