How do I highlight a searchable PDF?

First the select tool wouldn’t work. It turned into a hand to scroll the page up and down. I clicked on the lock button and locked the document. Then it allows me to select a portion of text, but the Highlight menu is grey and doesn’t work.

Any ideas please?

A locked document cannot be edited, including highlighting.

If the padlock shows it’s unlocked I can’t do anything. The select text cursor changes to a grabbing hand when I try to select anything. If the padlock appears locked it allows me to select text but not highlight it. I then set the padlock to unlock and the highlight command works. So presumably there is some setting I need to change to allow me to select text with the lock in unlock position.

Any ideas?


Don’t click on the text annotation before selecting text, as text selection is done with the normal cursor. After selecting text, go to Format in the menu and select Highlight (which has a keyboard shortcut).

To get out of your current predicament, close the PDF document, then reopen it. :slight_smile: